Wednesday, 8 June 2016

World Brain Tumor Day

Awareness and Management for a Fearless Life With Brain Tumor
World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated every year on 8th of June as a tribute to the brain tumor patients and their families with an ultimate goal of generating awareness about the disease and the ways to cope up with it. It was first celebrated by a German non-profit organization in the year 2000 and is now supported by patients, their families, research institutions, health professionals, and scientists from across the world.

All About Brain Tumor
Brain tumor is a condition when cells of the brain start multiplying abnormally leading to a cancerous or sometimes non-cancerous state. If not treated, it can spread to the adjacent parts leading to some serious complications. Though, there are no specific brain tumor causes, it can happen due to genetic reasons, invasion from cancerous cells of the surrounding regions, or due to excessive radiation exposure. 

Symptoms of Brain Tumor
·         Unexplained weakness of one or more limbs
·         Persistent and progressive headache
·         Vomiting and nausea
·         Convulsions or seizures
·         Difficulty in walking

Prevention and Treatment
Prevention cannot avoid brain tumors, but early detection through regular screening after witnessing any of the symptoms can definitely lower the complications and lead to better treatment results. The main treatment for brain cancer is surgery followed by radiation and chemotherapy. 

Objectives of World Brain Tumor Day
The objective of celebrating world brain tumor day is to catch the attention of people worldwide and generate funding for the cause of research for this deadly disease to provide better and affordable treatment to the patients. It also focuses on making people aware of the symptoms so that they can seek medical help on time and live a fearless life. The patients and their families are guided for better treatment management to improve the quality of life. 

Activities Done on World Brain Tumor Day
This day is marked with awareness campaigns run by support groups and the patients themselves. People with brain tumor are encouraged to join the groups and share their challenges with each other. Information is provided on how to manage the disease and cope up with the treatment. Patients are encouraged to watch themselves and learn the ways to adapt with changing health conditions and impart their experience with others for a more hopeful life ahead. 

World Brain Tumour Day,Online Healthcare Information

We and the World Brain Tumor Day
There are many lives which get shattered due to unawareness about the disease or the inability to accept its existence inside the body. We, as an aware and sensible population in the communities should make people aware of the symptoms that usually go unnoticed, leading to detection of the disease at higher stage. Let’s talk about the disease, create awareness, and build hope about brain tumor so that more people seek medical help at right time and others already fighting with it get hope and strength. 

Monday, 6 June 2016

How Snoring Effects Your Relationship?

A sweet and healthy relationship dwells on a number of factors enabling you to face big things in life. But, sometimes even a small issue brings dent to this deep relationship that gets reflected well in the deteriorating relationship status of yours. Snoring is one such subtle, yet loud, issue, which makes you irritated and angry enough to avoid the one whom you always adorned for some reasons. From the victim’s angle, it makes you feel rejected, guilty, and responsible for everything you never wanted to take place in your relationship.

While the person snoring gets the sleep well even after making nightly symphonies, the other one struggling to get some sleep ends up with sleepless night, red eyes, and headache arising out of lack of sleep. Once in a while, it does not matter, but if it has become the way of your life, it definitely damages the relationship.

online snoring effects on relationship

What Happens to Your Relationship When you Snore a Lot?

You sleep alone---It may be your sad decision or you may be left to sleep alone because of the inconvenience caused due to your snoring. Whatever, be the reason, snoring affects your physical closeness with your partner as well as your emotional bonding.
Irritating communication due to unrest--- Snoring is a result of scattered breathing which also affects the rest quality of the snorer. So, if your snoring is persistent, many a times you fall prey to sleep apnea which affects the quality of your sleep. With a poor body language, unstable set of mind, decreased ability to handle struggles and work, you would find it difficult to settle the things even with your partner. Even if you try for it, the things may not fall in place because of physical unrest you had with a snoring sleep.
Decreased partner respect--- While you snore and sleep at night, it usually happens that the night of your partner passes in a struggle to sleep. It seems that your partner did every possible thing to sleep, but you didn’t do anything to stop snoring. This sense of resentment develops disrespect for you in your partner’s mind and behavior. 
Gradually you enter into a relationship zone which is frustrating, unhealthy, and lifeless. Accepting it and convincing your partner to accept it is simply like asking to have disturbed nights lifelong. Instead, trying to get rid of it, even if with minimal benefits, would at least make your partner believe that you are trying, and who knows if you get complete success, it would be a bonanza.

Find out the reason of your snoring

A visit to an ENT specialist would help you identify the right causes of your snoring and how to stop snoring. Following may be the reasons.

Are you overweight? Poor muscle tone and stuffy tissues may be a reason of wheezing while sleeping. However, if your throat and neck area is bulky and muscular, it can also be a reason. So, sometimes, shedding a few pounds may get you relief from snoring. 
Are you 40 or above?---At this age, throat and neck muscle tone diminishes causing you to snore. The best ideas to get rid for these reasons are a little throat exercises, seasoned life style and routine bedtime throat activities.
Is your anatomy that way?---You may have congenital fissure, throat issues, broadened adenoids and other similar inherited or acquired physical issues. Some treatment or throat activities may help which you must discover and practice. 
Do you smoke, drink or take medication? ----Excessive liquor, smoking or some specific medicines can lead to snoring. The problem may resolve after leaving these habits.
Is your sleeping posture a contributor?--- Change the way you sleep and see the difference. Sometimes the sleeping postures may also lead to the constriction of the airways and making you snore. Elevate neck to at least four inches for easy breathing and relaxing your neck and throat region. Use good quality cushions that make sure that your neck muscles are free and not frilled. 
Clear nostrils before bedtime: if you have stuffy nose due to a cold, a regular sinus problem or allergies to dust, pets, or smell, make sure to clear your nostrils before you go to bed using nasal decongestants or nasal strips. Also, remove the irritants from the room, if any.
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