Friday, 23 September 2016

Safety Rules For Buying Medicine Online

India is witnessing a gigantic surge in online stores and online demand for products ranging from a nail to a ship. In such a scenario, when healthcare is also at its best in catering to online customers, people are rapidly turning to online pharmacies. However, with facilities come risks! There are many online pharmacies who are selling prescription and over-the-counter medicines which can jeopardise your health. So, when buying online medicines, there are some safety measures which can add to your convenience without compromising with the health.
What can go wrong with online medicine purchase?
There are online stores that are licensed and operate legally. They value your personal information and follow all the privacy policies for your consumer right protection and convenience. But there are also some websites which are not checked for safety or effectiveness. You may end up receiving medicines which are not approved, have wrong ingredients, or are simply expired. They may result in side effects, addiction of some illicit drugs, or no relief from your problem. The purpose for which you choose to go with online purchase of medicine may prove out to be completely unfulfilled.  

How to Identify you are at right Website?
  1. Before you order medicines online, be sure that you are at the right website.
  2. A genuine website selling medicine will be licensed and registered.
  3. The website should never sell any medicine without a prescription from licensed doctor or a health care prescription.
  4. For any of your queries, there should be licensed person available to answer your queries.
  5. They should be reachable and communicative to the customers without any ambiguity.
Additional Safety Measures
Everyone has been always buying medicines directly from the pharmacies. Now before you turn extensively to the online pharmacy for your needs, know your medicines well not to get deceived.
  1. Be able to identify the color, texture, and taste of your medicine.
  2. For new medicines, show it to a pharmacist or your doctor once you receive it.
  3. Do not accept any medicine which is not labelled and is not shipped correctly.
  4. Do not buy if the website itself suggests you some medicine without your physical examination.
  5. Check the privacy policy of the website.
  6. Do not share your personal information and bank details. 
While you visit any online medical store, a little cautious move from your side can end up in good results for your health. Online stores can be a great option for your time and effort only if they are used smartly. Especially, when it is something concerning your health, be cautious and be informed to make the right choices.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Prevent Flu----Know About the Myths and Facts

Flu is a common respiratory illness that spreads in a particular season and goes viral affecting a number of people at a time. If one person in a family gets the flu, others are also affected and it takes time to get rid of it. However, with pre-calculation of the arriving flu season and adequate information about the disease, its spread can be arrested as well as the severity can be minimized. With the term “flu” we are nowhere talking about the “swine flu” or the “h1n1”.

There are a number of myths about seasonal flu that if clarified can help a lot in addressing the flu symptoms and get positive results.

#1. Myth: One flu vaccine is enough for all types of flu.
Fact: No, one flu vaccine contains three types of virus strains that may be prevalent in a particular season. However, if you are exposed to a fourth type of virus, you will catch the flu and fall sick. One flu shot cannot prevent all types of flu.

#2. Myth: You may get flu even with a flu vaccine.
Fact: This myth is prevalent among the unaware people who think that flu vaccine gives flu whereas, the flu vaccines are meant to prevent flu. The fact is that flu vaccine does not contain any live virus which will give you a flu.

#3. Myth: Flu is not fatal or dangerous
Fact: Flu can really be fatal if ignored. It can lead to serious complications and significant deterioration to your respiratory health and overall wellbeing. There have been a number of deaths registered due to flu.

#4. Myth: Flu vaccine is not needed every year
Fact: Prevention from flu requires vaccination every year. You may get exposed to different virus next year for which you were not vaccinated. So, each year, your shot depends on the virus which is prevalent and which keeps on changing every year. Also, if you are vaccinated against different strains of viruses, you will develop significant resistant to a number of virus over a period of time ensuring your good health in long term.

Though flu is a common problem, it is irritating and problematic. So, preventing it through flu shots and appropriate information is always a good step to take.

Friday, 9 September 2016

The Sugarless Story of a Diabetic Life

My family, joint family, has three cases of diabetes bringing others also close to diabetes in future. While the younger generation is aware and is taking enough precautions, there are many sitting ready to accept it as something which is natural and has to come its way. Actually, the way we talk of rising pollution, population and crime, we have started talking of Diabetes in the same way. And why not, it has become so common and is growing at a meteoric rate bringing India among the top 3 nations with maximum cases of diabetes.

A Common Man’s Diabetic Life
Diagnosed with DIABETES!!! Here comes a sugarless life. This is the notion associated with a diabetic. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you have to avoid sugar, potatoes, rice, cakes, sweets, chocolates and all those mouth-watering stuffs you used to crave for. In serious cases, you might need to take insulin injections with a regular anti-diabetic medicine already in your food menu. So, a well-planned regimen of treatment for diabetes and precautions of diabetes comes into action.   

If you are educated and literate then you might consider going for regular eye checkups and health examination to see if the diabetes is causing any further damage. But, here again, there are many who don’t even know that diabetes is not the end disease, rather it leads to many other serious medical conditions which needs immediate attention.

Acceptance is not always good
When we accept our condition, we tend to act on it. It also happens that, when we accept our condition, we learn to live with that. Acceptance in diabetes can stop the ways of its reversal which is possible; which is not a miracle; and which is a proven science.  

Reverse Your Diabetes
Nature has provided us everything to heal ourselves. If time is a great healer, I believe, nature is a great doctor. Also, what you eat is what you are. So, between you and your good health lies the food that you feed to your body. A sensible diet plan and a routine management regimen is what can help you reverse your diabetes, be it Type I diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, if you follow it religiously. 
Small Changes Count in Diabetes Reversal
Reversal, in diabetes, means you go off the medication, but with a lifestyle program in place. For some a regular engagement in physical activity may show significant result while for others shedding a few pounds will do. However, a few must to do things you can implement are:
  • Avoid processed foods; say no to packaged food stuffs
  • Give time to yourself while eating; no haste
  • Rely on things grown naturally from ground
  • Do not go for over-the-counter anti-diabetic products
  • Engage in physical activity; do jogging or exercising 

There are ways to arrest this epidemic. While diabetes reversal is possible, it is also equally important to get yourself checked for any pre-diabetic condition and take preventive measures. Life seems complete with the combination of all four seasons, days & nights, warmth & chills, as well as sweet and sourness. Be aware of diabetes and act on time to keep adding sugar to your life.
Diabetes Needs Action! Schedule a diabetes test NOW!!!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Broader Meaning Of Sexual Health For Women

When we talk about holistic healthcare, it majorly means the physical and mental wellbeing. However, we ignore the other most important aspect of health that is sexual health forming the foundation of human existence. Very recently, we have seen significant change in the thought process of people who are coming forward to talk or discuss about the sexual issues eliminating the taboos associated with sex.

For women, who limit their preferences and desires, just having a successful intercourse is not enough to certify your good sexual health. It encompasses a lot many things like your knowledge about what arouses you and what puts you down, when you feel sexually active, what is it that repels you from sex, what are your comfortable sexual expressions or sex positions, how can you protect yourself from STDs, and how to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Sexual health is the most important ingredient of a healthy and complete life and women can have better control on their overall health, if they understand the various aspects of sexual health.

Understand the peculiarities of your sexual desire:
Listening to your desires and understanding your peculiar sexual needs will lead to your complete satisfaction and a sexually healthy life. There is nothing to shy off or ignore when it matters health to you.

Give respect to your sexual orientation:
You might have your own likes and dislikes for having sex. Indulging into sexual relationship to please your partner which keeps you aloof of any pleasure may affect you mentally. You should come up with your own choices resulting in your complete involvement and adequate release of sex hormones for better health.

Protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs):
Sex is a natural phenomenon which makes life complete, but your sexual health also depends on how safe you are. Make sure you are protected from all kind of sexually transmitted diseases. You might not have complete idea about STD, so consulting a sexologist will help you a lot in enhancing your awareness while protecting yourself from such diseases.

Be aware of unwanted pregnancies:
Your health may encounter a big blow with unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Knowing about contraception is important and keeping yourself protected against unwanted pregnancy is crucial for your sexual health.

Don't hesitate to discuss your sexual issues:
Despite having everything in place, you might experience discomforts, irritations, or troubles in your overall sexual health. There are gynecologists and sexologists who can provide you with working solutions, suggestions, and treatments, if needed. Do not hesitate to seek medical advice because it's not just about your sexual health, it will also affect your physical and mental health together. 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Online appointment booking - A need of the hour

Online Medical Appointment Booking – A Trend that Influence the Lifestyle of People in getting their Medical Appointments

The need for healthcare services is increasing tremendously across the world with the increase in population. This ratio is higher in fast developing and developed cities. The number of people seeking medical care at hospital and wellness centers is increasing, which in turn is creating a new challenge to the administrators of the health care centers and the staff. This also emphasizes on the need to find a perfect process and solution to effectively handle the flow of patients that are seeking medical care. In this attribute, the influence of internet and growing technology have not left make doctor appointment online unbothered, rather the process is made flexible and simple to both the patients and the hospital management via internet and software. 

online doctor appointment booking

The appointment scheduling is no more a menace to the hospitals and individuals. Although people can book their appointment over a phone call, there is still some inconvenience experienced like number busy, no response to the ring or phone out of service. However, the case with the online doctor appointment is not so, as you are flexible to book your appointment any time, from anywhere you are. This is becoming the most convenient method as the users can simply login to the portal using smart mobile phones and tablets with internet connection and book online appointment in just seconds.

Why should You Choose online appointment booking?

Here are some valid reasons for how the online booking of medical appointment becomes reasonable: 

·         It enables to schedule patients for visits, treatment, examinations and other medical procedures
·         It enables to easily navigate the schedule and availability of doctor on the day, week or month
·         Access the appointment calendar in a secured way
·         Easily search / browse contact information of the patient from the database available
·         It enables the hospital management to easily create a hardcopy and backup of appointments
·         It enables to schedule recurring appointments for multiple visits of the patient
·         It helps to schedule seasonal programs like vaccinations for the patient
·         It enables to make cross schedule between multiple clinics and medical centers
·         Patients can self-schedule their appointment online according to their convenience

The book doctor appointment online facility will also enable the patient or individual to easily identify the doctor they want to meet with easy identification. It will also state you about the appointment duration according to the appointment slot. Moreover, the doctor appointment online feature will also enable you to print the appointment scheduling view, to print the appointment, when you are in need of a hard copy.

This facility to schedule doctor appointment online will never let you to miss the appointments. You will also have the flexibility to reschedule your appointment in case of you not able to visit the doctor at the stipulated time.

You will also receive an automated appointment reminder email from this online appointment scheduling portal, which is very effective and helpful for the patients to keep a track of their schedules. This advancement is certainly changing the trend of patients visiting the hospital and the administrators to easily manage their health care centers.               
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