Friday, 21 April 2017

Childhood Asthma---How To Handle The Emergencies?

The troubled respiratory condition among children characterized with shortness of breath, cough, wheezing, and sneezing are some of the symptoms of asthma in children. Such medical conditions not only trouble the children, they also have far reaching effects on their overall growth and personality. Less physical activity owing to breathing difficulties result in lack of stamina, poor appetite, and poor development of the body. Such children remain deprived of the basic childhood activities, games, and sports with a fear of getting an asma attack.
Causes of Childhood Asthma
There are a number of diagnostic tests done by allergists and immunologist which can help in diagnosing the asthma causes, still finding the exact cause is a little difficult. Some children get a trigger by some food items while others by the pollen grains or specific smells. Pollution, weather, particles, and heredity are some of the other causes of childhood asthma. 
Seeking medical help and taking precautions are very important in case of children who are in their growing phase. 

How to Manage Childhood Asthma or COPD symptoms?
Asthma prevention and management starts with a lot of knowledge about “when and how” of asthma attacks. Parents and the child should know when the attack comes mostly, what causes the attacks, when to take the medicines, how to increase or decrease the dose of medicine, when to go for bronchodilators, and when to rush for the doctor.

It is always advisable to keep constantly in touch with your child’s physician to know what will work best for your child now and along his growing years.

How to handle the childhood asthma emergency as a parent?

Your reaction means a lot to your child, in his care as well as in his perception of his own disease. So, follow the below tips to handle your kid’s emergency situations.
  1. Don’t panic; remain calm and give the medicine to your child
  2. Loosen his/her clothes and ask to breath slowly and deeply
  3. Keep the child in comfortable, slanting position. Do not make him/her sleep on flat surface.
  4. Monitor the child for some improvement after the medicine or give bronchodilator. It can be repeated after 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Identify any triggers in the environment and remove it, if possible.
  6. Watch the child closely to mention the symptoms to the doctor.
When to see the doctor?
If the medicine is not working or the symptoms are getting worse, it’s a warning sign. Also, if the bronchodilator gives no relief after repetitions, then you should go to the emergency department or call a doctor immediately. Repeating the medicines with no results is not safe and may make it difficult to treat the asthma in long run.

Childhood asthma may get cured gradually as the child grows up, but asthma treatment and regular follow-up with doctor is needed. Its proper management to prevent other serious medical conditions is needed and a few home remedies for asthma can also be done. 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Sun Tan Protection and Skin Care in Summer

Sun is blazing with its hot flames and everyone is fearful of getting sun tans while being outside. There is some definite need to take preventive measures and prevent ourselves from skin damage and sun tan. Also, skin care in summer is needed as more oil is produced which move freely making the skin look dull, oily, and dark. 
Summer skin care tips

What Happens in Sun Skin Tanning?
Our skin gets its colour from melanin pigments; darker skin shade has more melanin and fairer skin have less melanin in themselves. During extensive sun exposure, the body normally produces more melanin as a response to UV rays in order to protect the inner layers of skin from sun damage. Tanning or darkening of the top layer of skin actually protect severe damage to the inner skin layer.

Protection from Sun is the First Step
If you are not careful enough to protect yourself from sun heat, you will end up with different shades of skin by the end of this summer. Though there are skin tan removal treatments and techniques, you need to take preliminary precaution as the first line of defence. So, whenever you go out, apply your skin with SPF 30-50 sunscreen lotion or cover your skin with cloth. It needs you to wear full-sleeve cotton clothes, cap on your head, and a scarf to cover your face. A sunglass will protect the circular region around your eyes from darkening. Once you are back from sun, do not forget to wash your face and remove the sunscreen lotion. Also, if you are going outside for swimming in chlorinated water, make sure to wash your face and hair with fresh water immediately.

Sun Tan Removal Home Remedies
There are simple home remedies for tan removal that does not need you to spend huge amount on buying sun tan removal cream.
  1. Apply aloe vera and lemon face pack: Aloe vera has a cooling effect and lemon is a natural bleaching element. These two combined together can help reduce the dark spots and tans you incurred due to sun exposure.
  2. Curd and gram flour pack: Curd is an exfoliating agent and will help in removing the dead cells and cooling the skin while gram flour is used to bring instant glow on the skin. This home-made paste can be used as tan removal cream for hands and legs as well.
  3. Sandal wood and rose water pack: Sandal wood has soothing and cooling property and can be a great product to treat sun damage and sun burns. Mixed with rose water, it can work as a cleanser and toner leaving you with fresh and glowing skin.  
When to see a dermatologist for sun tan?
Tanning of skin in summer is common and it does not have any severe implication. However, if you witness darkening and reddening of skin with a lot of itching and the texture of your skin is also changing, it’s time to see a dermatologist. Find your nearest dermatologist and seek his opinion. Stay healthy! Stay glowing!

Monday, 10 April 2017

6 Healthy Life Hacks for New Moms

Motherhood brings with itself a lot of happiness along with a lot of responsibilities. While the cute activities of little one brings smile on your face, their notorious behaviour and added work load makes you fatigued, weak, dull, and exhausted. As a mother, you should remain active and healthy to take better care of your child as the saying goes like “a happy and healthy mother makes a happy and a healthy child”. So, below are a few life hacks that can make you raise your child while being in a healthy state. 
Healthy tips for a new mother
#1 Take naps whenever possible
Waking up late at night and getting up abruptly from deep sleep makes you weak and dull. But, it is normal with small kids by your side. So, get some time to take a quick nap to recharge yourself with the required energy. Not getting proper sleep may give you headache, lack of appetite, nausea, post partum depression, and other health problems. 

#2 Make the most out of child’s nap time
Making your child sleep is a big accomplishment. Use this time to prepare some healthy snacks for yourself. If you are on a weight loss diet after pregnancy, make sure you are getting enough nutrition. Prepare a healthy diet plan and get your stuffs ready when your child is sleeping. 

#3 Exercise regularly
Exercising can infuse energy in your body. Moreover, your lower back needs support and strength to let you carry your baby comfortably. Do some stretching exercises and lower back exercise to bring back your lower back to the pre-pregnancy state. 

#4 Follow breastfeeding tips
 Do not overfeed your baby and plan for your own feeding too. It means, if you are breastfeeding your child, maintain a timetable as babies keep on insisting for milk even when they are full. You need to take extra 400 to 500 calories every day to maintain your energy levels. While nursing your child, you might feel more hungry. So, keep some crunchy fruits and veggies handy for munching anytime. 

#5 Never skip breakfast
Morning time is the busiest time which might keep you busy in feeding your child, giving him shower, taking care of his potty time and other stuffs. But, this does not mean you skip your breakfast. Make sure you have a protein rich breakfast and fruit juice on time. 

#6 Drink a lot
Keep yourself always hydrated. If you are breastfeeding your child, you would not even understand when your body got dehydrated. So, keep on drinking water and other healthy drinks to feel energetic. Include milk in your diet also and try to drink a glass of warm milk at bedtime. 

After following all these health tips for a new mother, you still feel exhausted and dull, then you might need some nutritional supplement. However, it is always advisable to seek medical help and get prescribed by a registered gynaecologist to start any medicine or supplement. So, schedule an appointment with your doctor and follow his/her instructions to keep healthy.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Know Everything About Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is performed by orthopedic surgeon for stiff and painful knees which do not allow even basic movement activities. It is mostly done in people above the age of 50 when no other treatment works for knee pain and in 85% of the cases, the artificial knees last for 15 to 20 years.

There can be a partial knee replacement in which the damaged portion of the knee is replaced with plastic or metal parts. In total knee replacement, the damaged knee is replaced with an artificial joint that requires major surgery and hospitalization.  
knee replacement surgery, best orthopedic surgeon in India 
What Exactly Happens During the Knee Replacement Surgery
It is performed under general anesthesia and a 8-12 inches incision is made to remove the damaged part of the joint. An artificial joint of metal or plastic is inserted and attached to thigh bone, shin, and knee cap using special adhesive material. This artificial joint slowly gets support from surrounding ligament and muscles and starts functioning gradually. The orthopedic specialist provides necessary guidelines to be followed during the recovery phase.

The two major benefits that come with knee replacement surgery are the reduction in joint pain and an increased mobility.

Recent Development in Knee Replacement Surgery
The minimally invasive knee surgery requires a smaller incision to be made between the quadriceps muscles instead of the large cuts made through the tendons in regular method of surgery. It results in less pain, quick recovery, and better movement due to less scar tissue formation.

Risks Involved in Knee Replacement Surgery
The surgery has some obvious risks as any other surgery.
  1. If you have heart disease, diabetes, or a poor immune system, the problems of blood clotting and infection may appear. Your orthopedic doctor may suggest antibiotics and blood thinners.
  2. Failure in gaining expected range of movement. The knee might feel weak and stiff failing to move as expected. You knee to have physiotherapy, exercising, rest, and medications.
  3. Dislocation of joint. It is rare but for precaution, you need to visit the orthopedist regularly for a checkup.  
Precautions after the surgery
  1. Do not twist the operated leg for at least six weeks.
  2. While sleeping keep the leg straight.
  3. Kneeling, squatting, and stair climbing should be avoided.
  4. Even after six weeks, running and jumping should be avoided
  5. Follow your physiotherapist, take rest, and have medicines on time.
Living with continued pain is not easy. So, find your nearest orthopedic doctor in Hyderabad, discuss your problem, get an idea of the knee replacement surgery cost and plan to get freedom from your confinement. A timely operation will help you a lot in getting the best result. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Health Card---An Affordable and Managed Healthcare Solution

Digital wave has created positive ripples in the healthcare industry bringing considerable transformations and enhancements that connects best of healthcare practices to the masses. Health Card is one such initiation that makes access to medical care more handy and affordable while being inclusive of a number of services. There are a number of group healthcare services, health insurers, and corporate healthcare services, but the Health Card has emerged as a revolutionary entity that truly caters to a number of medical, healthcare and wellness needs without being too heavy on the pocket.

What is a Health Card? 
There cannot be a fixed definition of what a health card is owing to its varying features and attributes. However, Health Card, in general, is a packaged medical care option that brings a number of medical and healthcare services in an affordable and easily accessible manner.
Current Medical Care Scenario 
The expenditure on healthcare has increased significantly with people getting awareness about preventive medical care:

1.       75% of medical expenses in India are out-of-pocket
2.       Only 17% of the population is covered by some sort of health insurance
3.       99% of SME are not offering any health privilege to their employees 
4.       Per capital healthcare expenditure has gone up by 10.3% in last 7 years

Healthcare is more than just handling the medical emergencies. That is why, with increasing awareness, the expense on regular checkups, preventive diagnostic checks, vaccinations, dental and ophthalmology, spa & wellness center, yoga classes, gym, physio sessions etc are moving up.

Healthcard, though with varying features, offer affordable access to a number of medical and non-medical wellness services which are important to be healthy and which incur a good amount of cost.     

Why you should go for a Health Card? 
Health Card is a compact and handy medical card providing holistic solution that can help you anytime anywhere. Different health cards in India are providing different services. There are a number of benefits of a health care card, few of which are listed below: 
  1. Single identification number to avail a range of medical services and products
  2. Instant recognition and delivery of services for a given eHealthcard number
  3. Complete digital documentation and record keeping
  4. Value added services like health insurance plans makes it one-point solution
  5. Add-on services for families provide complete care
  6. Attractive discounts on a number of services making medical care more affordable
  7. Attractive discount on a number of non-medical wellness services
In today’s world, where healthcare accounts to a mandatory yearly expense in every family, Health Card can prove to be a good healthcare companion which are multi-featured yet economical. Find and compare healthcard online to plan your healthcare and healthcare expense.
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