Thursday, 25 August 2016

Online appointment booking - A need of the hour

Online Medical Appointment Booking – A Trend that Influence the Lifestyle of People in getting their Medical Appointments

The need for healthcare services is increasing tremendously across the world with the increase in population. This ratio is higher in fast developing and developed cities. The number of people seeking medical care at hospital and wellness centers is increasing, which in turn is creating a new challenge to the administrators of the health care centers and the staff. This also emphasizes on the need to find a perfect process and solution to effectively handle the flow of patients that are seeking medical care. In this attribute, the influence of internet and growing technology have not left make doctor appointment online unbothered, rather the process is made flexible and simple to both the patients and the hospital management via internet and software.

The appointment scheduling is no more a menace to the hospitals and individuals. Although people can book their appointment over a phone call, there is still some inconvenience experienced like number busy, no response to the ring or phone out of service. However, the case with the online doctor appointment is not so, as you are flexible to book your appointment any time, from anywhere you are. This is becoming the most convenient method as the users can simply login to the portal using smart mobile phones and tablets with internet connection and book online appointment in just seconds.

Why should You Choose online appointment booking?

Here are some valid reasons for how the online booking of medical appointment becomes reasonable: 

·         It enables to schedule patients for visits, treatment, examinations and other medical procedures
·         It enables to easily navigate the schedule and availability of doctor on the day, week or month
·         Access the appointment calendar in a secured way
·         Easily search / browse contact information of the patient from the database available
·         It enables the hospital management to easily create a hardcopy and backup of appointments
·         It enables to schedule recurring appointments for multiple visits of the patient
·         It helps to schedule seasonal programs like vaccinations for the patient
·         It enables to make cross schedule between multiple clinics and medical centers
·         Patients can self-schedule their appointment online according to their convenience

The book doctor appointment online facility will also enable the patient or individual to easily identify the doctor they want to meet with easy identification. It will also state you about the appointment duration according to the appointment slot. Moreover, the doctor appointment online feature will also enable you to print the appointment scheduling view, to print the appointment, when you are in need of a hard copy.

This facility to schedule doctor appointment online will never let you to miss the appointments. You will also have the flexibility to reschedule your appointment in case of you not able to visit the doctor at the stipulated time.

You will also receive an automated appointment reminder email from this online appointment scheduling portal, which is very effective and helpful for the patients to keep a track of their schedules. This advancement is certainly changing the trend of patients visiting the hospital and the administrators to easily manage their health care centers.               

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Let’s Welcome Independence in Healthcare on 70th Independence Day

India, with all its glory and pride, is celebrating its 70th Independence Day on 15th August, 2016. This is indeed a proud moment for Indians who got the privilege to be born in India and enjoy the colors of freedom that is unrestricted in every sense. 

These 70 years have witnessed enough progress of the country in every domain including science, technology, research, retail, education, and more. Coming years are going to be more promising with dominance of eCommerce, especially the healthcare eCommerce. The health care in India is going to touch new heights with better healthcare services backed up by superior technology and deep internet penetration in the society. 

Independence in Healthcare | Online doctor Appointment

The digital healthcare system in India is still at a nascent stage and there is a huge segment of population awaiting for it to make their lives easier and healthier. When India, is already undergoing revolutionary ecommerce development to meet people’s requirement for food, clothing, accessories, automotive, learning and similar necessities of life, then why not healthcare?

So, here with 70th Independence Day of India, the one rising icon in ecommerce is going to be digital healthcare which includes features that will certainly make the lives of people healthier. 

Online consultation or digital doctor consultation: It will facilitate those who want to get immediate consultation with a doctor from their location through video calls, phone call, or any other medium. 

Online medical appointments: Assured and confirmed online appointment will give clarity about doctor’s timing and availability reducing the waiting time. 

Home medical and diagnostic services: There are times when reaching to medical facility gets difficult. So, booking home services for doctor’s consultation, caretaker, diagnostic tests, and emergencies will help a lot to aged, disabled, and people with no one with them to support in medical necessities.   

Complete healthcare packages for different patients and sickness: With online medium in scene, people will have greater clarity about the different treatment packages available at different locations. It will help them take informed decision and make better choices with a number of services accessible to them. 

Home delivery of medical and wellness essentials:  No more wandering and searching for medicines now. The digital healthcare enables pharmacies to get online orders and deliver the products at doorstep. Customers can also check whether a medicine is available at a given place or not and make orders right from them mobile or computer. 

Healthcare has remained a secondary priority for people since ages. But now, digital healthcare services will bring the renaissance that will generate awareness and will connect people to a healthier life. Success in healthcare in India is going to be the next milestone in Indian Independence.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR)---A Life Saving Procedure

There are many medical emergencies which turn out to be fatal due to lack of awareness and presence of mind. Cardiac arrest is one such condition which can be sudden and life threatening if not taken care of properly within minutes by the people around the patient. Apart from calling an emergency number, the first thing that can be done to save the life of the patient is CPR procedure. It is one of those chain of actions that gives a little extra time of survival till you get to arrange the proper medical aid. Before getting deep into CPR, let’s first understand what cardiac arrest is.

Cardiac arrest is an abnormal heart condition when it abruptly stops beating characterized by loss of consciousness and unresponsiveness of the patient. If not treated immediately, it can lead to death. Before opting for drugs, implants or medical procedures, it needs immediate CPR or defibrillation to gain some time in hand to proceed for the second stage of treatment. 

What is CPR?
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a manual emergency procedure done in a person with cardiac arrest to restore the blood circulation and breathing in the person to maintain the brain function intact. This process involves chest compressions up to 5 cm or 6 cm at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute. 

CPR Can Save Life
Mostly people get cardiac arrest at home or sometimes in workplace. The possibility of on-the-spot medical help is rare and it takes time to call a doctor or visit a hospital. In such a case, a little awareness and prompt action by the people surrounding the patient can help save a life. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the most recommended action suggested to earn some time before the patient gets actual medical care in a facility. People around the patient can compress his or her chest to allow some flow of oxygen inside the body to maintain the brain function. Simultaneous, the efforts to visit a hospital should be made. 

What happens during a CPR?
CPR alone cannot restore a normal heart function, but it can definitely help heart and brain be alive by manually pushing the heart to beat and pump blood to the brain. It helps in partial flow of oxygenated blood that delays the tissue death in brain and enlarges the small window of survival and keeps hope alive for successful treatment afterwards.  

Every single effort towards health benefit counts. A little effort by you or someone near you through cpr can give a gift of life to someone. Do your part and be a contributor in someone’s healthy life. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

6 Health Benefits of the Good Green Tea

Consistent research has been establishing the multiple benefits of green tea which is finding its place in every urban kitchen. People are accepting it wisely and making it a staple beverage of their diet. However, if you are still not convinced with the amazing health benefits of green tea, below are a few to let you wonder how a cup of green tea can prevent you from serious diseases and ailments. 
Health Benefits of Green Tea | Online Health Care Tips
#1. Green Tea Prevents Cancer
Polyphenol, a potent antioxidant, present in green tea works against the growth of cancerous cell inside the body. They inhibit the growth of carcinogenic cells and reduce inflammation. The power of green tea in inhibiting the growth of cancers in breast, lung, prostate, skin, pancreas, and bladder are remarkable. A healthy person should have two cups of green tea daily. 

#2. Green Tea Controls Diabetes
 Green tea has the ability to stimulate pancreas for their optimum functioning. It also triggers insulin activity and keeps the blood glucose level in check. A cup of green tea in the morning is the best start for a diabetic. 

#3. Green Tea For Weight Loss
Green tea works wonderfully for weight loss by suppressing the cravings and enhancing the fat burning process. It also lowers water retention, improves digestions, boosts energy levels & immunity and enhances metabolism. Two to three cups of green tea is a healthy way to reduce weight without depriving it of anything. 

#4. Green Tea For Healthy Skin
Green tea comes with heavenly goodness for the skin. It’s anti-ageing and rejuvenating benefits are enormous. It helps in regeneration of inflamed skin cells while reducing the redness, wrinkles, and sunburns. Adding a little lemon and honey in the green tea will add to taste so that you easily consume it twice or thrice in a day. 

#5. Green Tea Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
Green tea gets its property of heart protection with the presence of a compound called Catechins. It reduces the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol while improving the artery function. A green tea drinker has 40% to 60% less risk of high blood pressure than a non-drinker. 

#6. Green Tea for Detoxification
Apart from being a refreshing drink, green tea also detoxifies our body. It has natural cleansing and diuretic properties that help in eliminating loads of toxins out from out body.

Health benefits of green tea touches every part of our healthy living. If you have still not started taking green tea daily, it’s time to go for it. Make it one of the habits at home and feel the freshness it brings in to your life.
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