Thursday, 20 October 2016

Are you fit? Check Your Fitness in Easy Ways

Fitness has many definitions of its own. Some consider the magical number on the measuring scale as fitness while others think your ability to do everything without feeling exhausted is the fitness. Many are also of a view that if they are not taking medicine of any kind, they are fit and that if someone is not overweight he or she is fit. So, many people; many theories.  
We are here to discuss a few easy steps that can tell whether we are fit or not. Fitness from top to toe can be checked with a few physical activities that engage every part of your body to conclude your health and fitness status.  

Is your upper body flexible?
Stand erect and bend your right arm above the shoulder and left arm behind the back. Try to grasp the fingers of both hands with each other on your back. If your fingers clutch well, then it’s really great. Similarly, repeat the process by changing the position of both the arms. But, if are not able to touch or hold the fingers on your backside… need to think.   

Upper body flexible exercise | Fitness Tips

Is your lower body flexible?
The process to test is very simple. Lie down straight on the ground with both legs straight. Now, start lifting one leg pointing towards the ceiling without bending the knee or the other leg. If you are able to raise the leg without affecting the position of other leg, brave. If not, then it’s time to think of some flexibility exercises.

Lower body flexible exercise | Fitness Tips

How quick are you to change position?
Your speed to change body position without hurting yourself can be a test for your fitness. One simple way is to sit with legs crossed, in India it’s the most common position and we call it “padmasana”. Now, try to stand without taking any support or using the hands. You simply have to stand on your own. Seems easy? Check it right now.

Check body strength and balance
Your overall balance and body strength can be checked with pushups. Lie down with stomach on the floor side. Balance your body weight on the palms with shoulders, hips, and legs in line and straight. Do not bend the knees. Now, push your chest down taking support from the palms and again try to raise your chest high away from the floor. If you are able to do it a few times successfully without getting sweat or stress of any kind and feel to do more, great. If not, you need to increase your stamina and strength.

These four fitness checks are enough to conclude your fitness status. Before you invest in gym equipment or home gym, check yourself and start with some basic exercises and workouts. I admit that, there are many who do not have time for gym workout or time to go jogging every morning. But a little workout at home can yield good results enhancing your fitness to significant degree.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Experience Healing at Home with Home Healthcare Services

Healthcare in India is at a stage of revolution with integration of new customer-centric delivery system and innovative approaches. To make the services more accessible, convenient and result-oriented, the concept of home care or healthcare at home is taking off rapidly. A number of hospitals and diagnostic centres are already offering services at home, whereas there are other service providers who aggregate the home healthcare service providers at one place to make them accessible to the patients. 

Home health care has brought a new hope and an enhanced level of convenience in the life of many. Let’s have a look at the various ways, home healthcare services benefit us.
Online Home Healthcare Services | Healthcare Service at Home

#1. Ultimate ease for elderly, disabled, and serious ailments
Treatment and care at home seems very convenient for elderly and people with serious ailments or any kind of disability as it keeps them aloof of the pain in travel, waiting in the hospital, and commuting to various departments in the hospital. All the checkups, tests, and treatment are provided at home itself at the patient’s convenient time which is indeed comfortable and a great support for recovery.

#2. Time Saving
Patients have the liberty to book appointment at their convenient time which saves a lot of time that goes waste waiting for the doctors or service providers. It also gets you rid of the time spent in travel and the hassles of traffic.

#3. Quick healing in homely environment
Being away from home at hospitals for treatment makes the patient feel more sick. Treatment at home has a healing effect of its own as the patient remains in touch with everything of his usual life. The homely environment contributes to quick health of the patient. 

#4. Home care added with expert care
When you get doctors or nurses at home, the patient gets their expert treatment along with the support and care of the family. This not only gives immediate physical benefit, but also has positive psychological effects. The patient feels complete care with professional and family by his or her side.

#5. Equipment rentals and devices for complete care
Many times you need to monitor your vitals and other serious things on a regular basis. With equipment and devices rental for home use, you can simply get it done at home at ease. You do not need to rush to the nearest clinic or service provider on a daily basis. Simply get the equipment installed at home and monitor the values. For complicated measurements, you can even hire nurses or medical professional to get the things done.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Get Rid of Internet and Computer Addiction

Do you use internet? What a silly question- you might think!  But underneath the question lies a crucial matter of concern of current time - Internet Addiction. Just like any other addiction, internet addiction is becoming an epidemic that is not only hitting the youth of the society but the elderly, so-called sensible people are also falling prey of computer addiction

I understand there are questions popping in your head as - What is internet/computer addiction? What causes such addiction? How to get rid of the internet addiction? And so on. But before answering these questions, don’t you think it is imperative first to understand whether the internet usage is actually your necessity or addiction?
Internet Addiction Disorder
Use of Internet - Necessity Vs Addiction

When it comes to the degree of using internet, there is a wafer thin margin between the need and addiction. However, since the time spent on a computer / laptop or internet depends upon the scope and purpose for which an individual uses them, so it is not practical to quantify the addiction in terms of its use. Then what may be measure? A crisp and clear identification of computer or internet addiction disorder is if a person neglects the important spheres of life such as work, school, relationships just to use internet or the computer, then dude…it is a cry for help!

 Some other indications of addiction can be:
  1. Loss of track of time while using internet
  2. Use of internet hampers the tasks at home
  3. Isolation from family and friends
  4. Feeling guilty or defensive about using internet
  5. Experiencing a sense of intense excitement when involved in online activities
These are some generalized symptoms however there may be other symptoms as well such as – sleep issues, strained vision, severe headaches, excessive weight gain or loss, etc.

Is your usage reaching its capacity? Here is how to get rid of an internet addiction:

If you notice any of the above symptoms in you or your know ones, then you should understand that it is alarming and now is the time to get rid of internet and computer addictions. Nothing could be better if you have a strong will power to abstain yourself from using the computer and internet beyond the point related to work. Once you are able to control yourself for some days then you might set a deadline for use and follow it strictly. However, since the addiction is any habit that is hard to abstain from, you might need some help from outside. For that you can pick from the following options:
  1. Online therapies for addicts
  2. Cognitive behavioural treatments for Internet and computer addicts
  3. Therapeutic methods- such as use of SSRIs - Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
  4. Seek help from the residential or inpatient Internet addiction treatment centres
As it is said that excess to everything is dangerous, so appreciate the advancing technology and use it in a wise and intended manner. If you douse yourself up in the world of internet you might not notice but sooner or later, your need turns into an addiction!

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