Friday, 1 April 2016

Tips For Travelling With a New Born Baby

Newborn babies are new to the environment and they need some time to adjust. Ideally, if possible, travelling with a newborn baby should be avoided for at least three months, but if it cannot be avoided, you need to take some extra measures to ensure their complete safety. However, whatever safety you take, overdoing your baby with diaper changes, feeding, and wiping should be minimized as these activities also exhaust a child.

Tips for Travelling with a new born baby | Online Health & Wellness Tips

Must-to-Do Packing
Gear: Baby sling, portable car seat, and foldable stroller are a few things you must have while travelling. If you plan to stay out and walk in crowded places, the use of above items will provide you ease of movement and comfort to your child. Along with these, a blanket, towel, small baby cushions are needed to keep your child warm and protected from jerks.
Baby Essentials and Diapers: Stock up with diapers along with baby wipes, rash cream, powder, shampoo, baby bath gel, and clothe caps to ensure hygiene all the time. Clothes should be chosen as per the season of travel, however, with babies warm clothes are always a part of packing.
Feeding Supplies: When babies are well fed, they remain calm. So, do not forget to pack their formula, bottle, wipes, spoons, beaker, bowl etc. If the baby is feeding on breast milk, make sure to take your meals on time so that you can feed the baby well.
Others: You need to have a first aid kit for any unforeseen circumstances. Keep the sanitizer and wet tissues handy to use anytime during the travel to remain free of any infections.

Take Care of the Following While Travelling With a New Born Baby

Online Baby Care tips for travelling with a New Born baby:

Feeding Posture: If you are travelling by car, it is always better to stop while feeding your baby. In plane or train, make sure to position yourself comfortably to hold the baby so that he or she can feed properly.
Hygiene of products: If the baby feeds on bottle or solid food, stock up enough material. Keep everything clean and sterilized. You can also buy pre-sterilized bottle liners from the market.
Prevention: Prevention from insects, mosquitoes, dust, heat, and cold is important. Always be conscious about the surrounding in which baby is travelling and take extra care.
Engage the Child: While baby is not sleeping, try to get engaged with him. Looking at him, showing some actions, playing some light music, singing a few lines, or showing his favorite toys will make him happy. Passing your journey with a happy child will be easier and fun.

Special Note:
Taking precautions and getting prepared is always better. So, try to have complete information about the place you are visiting. Especially, keep the number of hospitals and pediatrics handy with you. In case of emergencies, you would get quick help and support even in the new location. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Online Healthy Parenting Tips to Raise Your Kids!

Parenting has got no thumb rule and cannot be guided by a fixed protocol. Children are different, their psychology is different, their needs, requirements, and reactions are different. So, the style of parenting also needs to be different and personalized for each individual child.
Parenting that is full of positivity, creativity, supportiveness, and health-orientation can be called a good/healthy parenting. To bring up your child the healthy way, consider the following factors of good/healthy parenting tips:

Focus on balanced diet: Healthy body and mind starts with a healthy diet. Kids are fussy while eating, but you need to discover innovative ways to feed them what their body needs. A proper assimilation of all the important food nutrients, vitamins and minerals are needed for their physical and mental growth.

Timely health check-ups: Keeping your child away from deficiency diseases, communicable diseases, and others for which they are vulnerable is important. Despite taking enough care at home, visiting a doctor at regular intervals is required. Especially, visit ophthalmologist and dentists to rule out any chances of eye or oral sickness. However, other body parts must also be examined that will be guided by the doctor.

Engagement in physical activities: Physical activities give enough opportunity to children to release their energy. It also builds their stamina and immunity. Engage your child in his or her favorite sport or simply give some field time where they can play free. 

Brainstorming time with kids: Spend some time with your child exploring their thought process and imaginations. Talk to them, ask them, and let run their imaginations free so that they express themselves the way they want. It will increase their IQ and thinking power. Putting them to imaginary situations and asking them to come out with a solution will storm their brain. It will also enhance your bonding.

Extending emotional support and building trust: Be there with your child when he needs you. No matter your kid is a toddler or a teenager, there are times when he might feel lonely and will need your support. Believe in your child and trust him so that he can express anything in front of you without any hesitation. There is no place for fear in good/healthy parenting. 

Accept your child’s failure: Three will be times when your child will fail where you want to see him successful. Accept this failure and extend support so that he tries again courageously. Failures will come his way, so do not connect your prestige with his success or failure. Your support and togetherness will yield results in the long run.

A good/healthy Online parenting tips to raise your kids in itself is a big accomplishment. So, try to be great at it.
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